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Season 3 (DTM) Information, Format & Rules

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Season 3 (DTM) Information, Format & Rules

Post  LucyLou217 on Tue Apr 24 2012, 18:11


Cars - Audi TT DTM
Audi A4 DTM
Mercedes C Class DTM
Opel Astra DTM

Build - Build variables are limited to removing limiters and widening tyres. This obviously affects PI. PI limit for each driver on entrants table below

Tunes - Cars to be personally tuned by their driver within PI limits (see below). A car can be tuned at any point, as long as it remains within the PI limits. We have decided to allow 'own tunes' this time as the last 2 leagues had fixed tunes. As a club we do want to allow all our members strengths and ideas to show through (this is not possible in 1 single league so we change the format from one to the next). Hence we took the decision to run this league with 'own tunes'. This was requested by a number of members. It is also within the rules for members to help each other with tunes, and we would encourage this, especially within constructor groups.

Design - Cars to be designed by their driver with the exception that all cars must have the PMUK numberboard on at least both sides and also the PMUK web address logo and the PMUK club logo banner which are standard vinyls supplied by us. Search storefront LucyLou217. More on this further down.

Ballast - PI based ballast for each entrant as table below. We have conducted extensive research into making this work over many hours. This system may well give some cars/drivers a very small advantage at some tracks and maybe small disadvantages at others. We are aware of this and think it will produce a very interesting and exciting Championship where the results are not as predictable as they sometimes were in previous leagues. As in RL racing leagues there is always tracks that suit some cars over others, this is something we are hoping to replicate.

League start date - Sunday 22nd April 7pm BST

Tracks - See post below

Damage - Cosmetic

Racing Etiquette - Max number of defensive moves is 1 as per F1 rules
If returning from a track after an off, please be aware of other racers and 'give way' to them before rejoining, preferably returning to speed off the racing line. Although contact is sometimes unavoidable, clean racing is encouraged. If anyone feels that an incident was malicious or overly aggressive then please view the replay (will be saved on my storefront as Season 2). If after viewing the replay you still feel the move requires investigation please message the club leaders with the Track, Race No., Lap, and who was involved plus any other information that you feel important. We will then investigate as soon as possible and reach a verdict. Not sure of penalties though...any ideas?


Drivers Championship - Points based as follows: Pole Position, 1 pt. 1st, 20pts. 2nd, 17pts. 3rd, 15pts. 4th, 13pts. 5th, 11pts. 6th, 10pts. 7th, 9pts. 8th, 8pts. 9th, 7pts. 10th, 6pts. 11th, 5pts. 12th, 4pts. 13th, 3pts. 14th, 2pts. 15th, 1pt

Constructors Championship - Points as above for each manufacturer. Eligible cars T.B.C as depends on number of entries for each model. If we have an unbalanced number shared between the 4 manufacturers we will only count points from the top cars. eg. Constructor A has 5 cars. Constructor B, 6 cars. Constructor C, 3 cars. Constructor D, 8 cars. In this situation points gathered by the top 3 cars of each constructor will go towards the Constructors Championship.

All entrants must purchase the PMUK specified graphics at a cost of 150,000 credits. All credits raised will be added to the prize pool. These graphics will be available on my storefront (LucyLou217) on 5th April. The graphics are a PMUK numberboard and PMUK banner logos. All entrants must have all the PMUK graphics.
Competitors PI limit will be specified 1 week prior to Season starting to allow for tuning.
Competitors will be able to change their choice of car only during SPECIFIED 'Transfer Windows'. This will cost cr.1mil and will be added to the prize pool. Any points gained for the Constructors Championship will remain with the Constructor and not be transfered to the new constructor. Drivers Championship points will remain with driver.

Event format - 13 Race Nights (Sundays @ 7pm BST) consisting of 1 quali session and 2 equally distanced races with 1 mandatory pitstop


Driver Car Constructor PI Max Limit
Ocilbaz Mercedes C Class No. 72Mercedes 855
CobraGT04 Audi A4 No. 4 Audi A4855
Wicked Singe Audi TT No. 46 Audi TT845
LucyLou217 Opel Astra No. 21Opel 875
Goodwin Opel Astra No. ?Opel 835
Baptist Audi A4 No. 04Audi A4845
EssxBoy Opel Astra No. 7Opel 845
Fozzy Mercedes C Class No. 80Mercedes 835
Leggy Mercedes C Class No. ? Mercedes 855
Born of Ghosts Opel Astra No. 34 Opel 845
ID 9858 Audi TT No. 531 Audi TT 845
Alan Audi A4 No. ? Audi A4875
MadManMark T.B.C T.B.C 835
Twisted Vision Audi TT No. 32AudiTT 835
Si Audi A4 No. 29 Audi A4 855
Immortal Audi A4 No. T.B.C Audi A4 T.B.C
XBR Eggy Opel Astra? No. 200 Opel 835

Drivers Championship Prizes - T.B.C
Constructors Championship Prizes - T.B.C
(Pot for my ref. to remind me who's donated and how much Rolling Eyes Goodwin 1mil, Baz 1mil, Graphics 1.35mil, Wicked 5mil Alan 1mil Wicked's prize from LucyLou 500k, LucyLou 2mil, Twisteds prize from Cobra 2mil, Twisted 80mil?)

To register an entry or to specify the car you wish to compete in etc me a PM either on here or XBL.

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Re: Season 3 (DTM) Information, Format & Rules

Post  LucyLou217 on Wed Apr 25 2012, 19:29

Track order and number of laps is as follows:

Both races each week will involve a mandatory pit stop

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