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Offering my services as painter!

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Offering my services as painter!

Post  Guest on Mon Jan 27 2014, 11:15

Hello everybody. My name is bryan. A friend of mine was asking about one of my vinyls yesterday. He wanted to use it for a design for your racing league.
I have been painting on forza games since the original forza. I would be happy to offer my services.
Although it looks like Lucy Lou has it covered. The offer still stands.
You can check out my work on forzamotorsport.net. Just go to race paint booth and there you will find dj Bry's gallery.
Not normally into doing racing leauges as the times are not always good for me. But yours seems to be bout 7 on a Sunday night that would work well for me.
Not a bad driver. Have a few top 100 times.

Not sure about posting pics on here.
Anyway had a quick go last night.

Also made a slightly different numberboard that would be easy to change and fits in with pixel.

The offer is there if you want to take me up on it. You are free to ask for changes or suggest what sort of paint it should be.

Ps good work on the paints Lucy Lou.


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Re: Offering my services as painter!

Post  LucyLou217 on Mon Jan 27 2014, 11:27

Hiya Bryan and welcome to the forum Smile Thanks for the compliment Embarassed You are more than welcome to chip in with paints n vinyls...the more the merrier cheers and with my motivation issues at the mo with Forza 5 they would prob be appreciated Wink Love the MX5 paint btw, looks amazing Smile
You are also more than welcome to join in the MX5 league we have running on Sundays, check out all the rules/info/build threads to see how/what why etc your car needs to be. Apply for a race number, let us know what times you r getting with which build so we can assign u a build and you're good to go Smile Next Sundays race is Indy, but if you do some laps around Silverstone International and Laguna that would be useful as we have already run those events and it'll make it easier to see how your times compare with everyone else Smile Again welcome Smile

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Re: Offering my services as painter!

Post  Guest on Mon Jan 27 2014, 11:42

Thank you for the warm welcome Lucy Lou. Just offering paint services for now but will look into the racing league in the future. Probably won't check this forum all the time so if you need anything send a message to Dj Bry on xbox live. That will be the best way to get hold of me.
All the best.


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Re: Offering my services as painter!

Post  Si_ on Mon Jan 27 2014, 12:58

hey bry, nice job on the mx5. very kind of you to offer your painting skills.

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Re: Offering my services as painter!

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