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PNUK Revival Series Rules and Regulations

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PNUK Revival Series Rules and Regulations

Post  Wicked Singe on Sun Oct 19 2014, 14:54


Points will be awarded as follows

1st 20
2nd 17
3rd 15
4th 13
5th 11
6th 10
7th 9
8th 8
9th 7
10th 6
11th 5
12th 4
13th 3
14th 2
15th 1
16th 0

Pole Position = 2pts

TCS STM will be forced OFF


1st place in championship
10% power reduction
5% rear grip reduction

2nd place in championship
5% power reduction
5% rear grip reduction

3rd place in championship
5% power reduction


Will be 15 minutes with ghosts and compare laps.
Ballast will NOT be implemented for qualifying.

Safety Car

In the event of a large collision on the first lap a safety car situation will be implemented, the car in the lead will slow down until all the cars involved have caught up and will then continue racing from when a member of admin says it is ok to do so.

Parade Lap and Rolling Start

At the beginning of each race a parade lap will be needed to get the grid into order.  On the parade lap a maximum speed of 80mph is allowed and sudden braking and excessive swerving is to be avoided.  The parade lap once everone is in order will then turn into rolling start for the race pole position will dictate when the race is to start.


There will be 2 races per evening

Race 1 approx 20 Minutes
Qualfying order

Race 2 approx 35 Minutes
Reverse results from race 1

Racing Etiquette

Please use your headset to let people know where about you are on the track, remember we have members who use all the different views so might not be able to see you.  Also, calling a pass doesn't necessarily mean you are entitled to that position.

Also remember we have a  CODE OF CONDUCT if you haven't read, please click the link and have a look.
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