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Favourite / Worst

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Favourite / Worst

Post  Si_ on Sun Jan 05 2014, 13:09

Recently after doing a bit more tuning and finding that some cars just wont play ball and have the massive understeer tuned out of them i came to the conclusion that some cars are just crap. Yet some cars are spot on in standard form (well done T10 for not adding production hopper  Rolling Eyes ) and are a joy to drive. so what`s your worst/favourite car so far?
can always apply this to the tracks as well

Favourite car - quite a few good cars tuned but it has to be the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta standard.
Worst car - BMW E30 M3 in A class, can not tune out the understeer in this thing.
Favourite track - Yas Marina (Prague very close second) as all it`s variations are fun to drive.
Worst track - Bathurst, never understood the big hype about this place. too narrow to race on, too easy to ride the wallls, too easy to cause massive pile ups whilst riding the wallls/crashing into the walls. not necessarily that bad a track just not as good as the others.

Simon 0ne

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Re: Favourite / Worst

Post  ochilbaz on Sun Jan 05 2014, 13:23

Favourite car - Aussie v8 Holden
Worst car - mx5
Favourite track - Prague / yas marina (1 of the shorter ones)
Worst track - Laguna seca (just a pure waste of acreage)


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Re: Favourite / Worst

Post  Greenfly750 on Sun Jan 05 2014, 13:54

Favourite Car: My A-class D type. I know i rave about the AE86 and Mk2 Escort, but the D-Type is such a joy to drive, sounds epic, and shuts up all the learderboard fan boys.
Least Favourite Car: Most of the R1 LMP cars. I like to call the cocktail stick cars. If you've driven them with all assists off, you'll know why.
Favourite Tracks: See if you spot the theme.  Wink  Infineon, Tsukuba, Fujimi, Road America, Camino, Amalfi.  Very Happy 
Least favourite: Motegi or Suzuka. Never seem to get on with either of them.

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Re: Favourite / Worst

Post  CobraGT04 on Sun Jan 05 2014, 14:37

Favourite car: BRZ
Worst car: MX5

Favourite track: Bernese Alps
Worst track: Bathurst (controversial I know but just can't get to grips with it)

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Re: Favourite / Worst

Post  LucyLou217 on Sun Jan 05 2014, 14:51

Favourite car - Celica Gen 7, Sierra Cosworth and Lotus 2-Eleven (Cant pick between them Rolling Eyes )
Least favourite - BMW 2002 Turbo (Just cant make it work)

Favourite track - Spa and of course Sebring Wink
Least fave - Bathurst...it drives me batty  Embarassed 

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Re: Favourite / Worst

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