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Potential New Member

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Potential New Member

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 04 2013, 21:56

Hi all. I stumbled across this page when looking out for a new club. Currently i am not too impressed by my own club who seems to have become inundated with thousands of new members and old members leaving. And i am fed up with the bash-style of online play to be honest. I much prefer clean and fair racing, which is partially why I am here. Another is the fact that my current club comes across as a list of names and rankings without any sort of activity like you have here.

I am also relatively new to the xbox world, including forza, having switched from ps3 and GT, and i am loving the design aspect of the game among many other aspects. I have enjoyed many racing games since i was a kid, including all the GT's, TOCA, Viper Racing (don't laugh, i loved it), GRID...etc etc. and recently i have got into the formula 1 franchise.
Anyway, i guess i am asking permission to join, so to speak. also i am curious if there are many members from all parts of the globe, since i am a kiwi i know time differences might reduce the amount of people who are racing at the same time etc.

Thanks for reading
Steve (GT: Stevo1185)


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Re: Potential New Member

Post  Greenfly750 on Tue Jun 04 2013, 23:00

Hello Steve,

It seems the forums gone a bit quiet this evening. Someone would normally have replied by now. I'm glad you found the site and liked what you saw. I don't think there will be a problem with you joining our club. The time difference may be a slight issue, since most of our members are UK based. There are a couple of Americans registered, and recently someone from the Netherlands joined, but I think you'd be the first from down under.

I'd love to offer you an in game invite but since I'm not an admin I don't think I have that privilege, though I'm sure you'll be welcomed. If you have any further questions then please feel free to post 'em here, or get in touch over X-box live.

My Gamertag is as it appears on here if you want to add me. I'm sure an admin will be in touch soon, but as far as I'm concerned, welcome aboard. Smile

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Re: Potential New Member

Post  LucyLou217 on Tue Jun 04 2013, 23:13

Hi Steve Smile You r more than welcome to join Pixel Smile Like Greenfly mentioned we have a couple of US members and Lars from Netherlands and not forgetting Gerrit in Germany Smile I won't get chance to get on the xbox for a few days, but I'm sure one of the other admin will send u an invite as soon as they get on Smile If u see any of us about please feel free to jump into the parties or lobbies. Our main league runs on Sundays (we currently just finished season 5 and r finalising season 6 so timing is perfect for u to start testing ready for the start date) This takes place on a Sunday night ar 7.30 BST...i think that's approx 7.30ish on the Monday morning for u?

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Re: Potential New Member

Post  ochilbaz on Wed Jun 05 2013, 01:44

Stevo i will send you a club invite in the morning here. I'm just this minute home. Hope you enjoy this club


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Re: Potential New Member

Post  Wicked Singe on Wed Jun 05 2013, 06:17

Hey Steve welcome to the site if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and hopefully we will get to race with you soon.
Wicked Singe

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Re: Potential New Member

Post  Si_ on Wed Jun 05 2013, 14:18

eyup stevo.

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Re: Potential New Member

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