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Guide to picture posting using PhotoBucket

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Guide to picture posting using PhotoBucket

Post  LucyLou217 on Mon Apr 30 2012, 15:38

To start a quick guide to saving Forza in game pics to PC.

Take pic in game on Forza

Save and upload picture to Storefront

Log onto Forza.net, find image required and right click on this image.  Select 'save image as...' and save to a file on your computer (Desktop is easiest place to save to as its easy to find the image again)

Now this file is on your computer you can edit, crop etc etc.  

Using PhotoBucket to host your Images and Pictures (Not just Forza 4 pics but any pics you wish to upload to websites/forums etc.)

Create a PhotoBucket Account http://photobucket.com/

Once an account is created, to upload pictures, images and videos to share on forums see below:

Create a new album (sorry, option is on the right side of the screen...just noticed my squiggle highlight isnt very clear)

Name and describe your album as desired.  I set mine to Private but that is personal preference and click Create

Now an album is created, time to start uploading pics

First of all some options need to be set.  These remain set until they are changed again, so this doesnt need to be done every time.

Change upload options (some forums will only accept 640x480 images)  This setting screen can also be used to re-size images for avatars and signatures as these are generally even smaller (see individual forums for specific sizes).   Save settings once you have decided on a picture size.  640x480 and 800x600 work well on this forum

Click select photos and videos

Choose the files you wish to upload (hold control and left click on each file to select more than one) Then click open.  The files will now upload to PhotoBucket

Once uploaded, click View Album

Hover over a pic and a box appears like below.  Left click on the IMG code and the code will automatically be copied

On the forum you wish to post, paste into your post

Your post should now look something like this.  If you preview or when the post is sent, the image will appear.  PLEASE NOTE...IF THE IMAGE IS DELETED OFF OF PHOTOBUCKET, IT WILL NO LONGER APPEAR ON THE FORUM/WEBSITE WHERE THE IMG CODE WAS PASTED.  

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Re: Guide to picture posting using PhotoBucket

Post  Guest on Mon Apr 30 2012, 15:46

You lost me at "To Start" lol


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